Woo Slider – Pro

Create interactive sliders to display your products in style.

Using Woo Slider

Step 1

Make sure you have the Woo Slider widget enabled from your Dashboard > Droit Addons > Elements. Also, make sure to have the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated. 

Step 2

Search for the Woo Slider widget from the left-hand side menu, and drag the widget to your preferred location.

Before you get started with the Woo Slider widget you must have the WooCommerce plugin configured and products listed with details. Here is an example.

To get started visit your Dashboard > WooCommerce > Add my products. From here you can add your products manually or import an existing product listing via a CSV file. 

Step 3

From here you can add your product title, description, tag, category, regular/special price, feature images, and so much more. 

Step 4

When you’re done adding your products to WooCommerce. Make sure to press ‘’Publish’’ to make it live.

Step 5

After you’re done configuring/adding products from the WooCommerce plugin, your products will now be visible via the Woo Slider widget on your website. 

Lets start by configuring the Layout menu. From here you can adjust how your product list will look by adding spacing, alignment and layout style.

Step 6

Now to customize your slider function, click on the Slider drop down menu. From here, you can add slider left & right buttons, perpage item count, autoplay toggle and so much more.

Step 7

From the Query Settings drop-down menu, you will be able to add – select your preferred category, sort by order, order type, display limit, spacing, and posts per column. 

Step 8

You can customize your product titles from the Title drop down menu. From here you can add color, typography and spacing to your product list.

Step 9

To customize the thumbnails of your product list, click on the Thumbnail drop-down menu. From here you can customize the image settings with height, weight, image fit, border type, margin, padding, and image shadow. 

And that’s it. When you’re done, press “Publish” to save your changes.

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