Subscribe Pro

This widget allows you to set up quick blocks for your subscription-based        business.

Using Subscribe Pro

Make sure you have the Subscribe Pro widget enabled from your Dashboard > Droit Addons > Elements.  

And make sure you have your preferred mailing service’s API connected from your Dashboard > Droit Addons > API

Step 1: 

Let’s start by searching the Subscribe Pro widget from the left-hand side menu, and dragging the widget to your preferred section.

Step 2: 

Then select one of two layout types from the layout option. For this example I want for Inline style.

Step 3:

Now head down to fields, from here you can enable/disable fields such as name, number, address, etc for your subscribe button area. 

Step 4: 

From the Integration with menu you can select the email list created on your preferred mailing service.

Step 5: 

Now from the form settings you can add your placeholder text in these subscribe button fields.

Step 6:

To customize your subscribe button block further, head over to the style section and then general.

From here you can customize the block’s background.

Step 7: 

From button style you can customize the look of your subscribe button.

Step 8:

To change the look of your input section, head over to input style and customize it with color, placeholder color, typography, padding, margin, border, border color, etc.

Step 9: 

You can also customize your T&C checkbox with color, size, alignment, margin, padding, border, typography, etc.

Live Copy & Paste

You can follow all the steps above and create your Subscribe Pro section, or if you’re interested in skipping some steps, you can visit Subscribe Pro widget’s live demo page and simply copy one of four preset styles from the Live Copy button. And paste it in your preferred section.

That’s it.

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